Red Cardinal

This morning as I walked past the window, my eyes caught a flash of red in the otherwise grayish-white midwinter landscape. My first thought dismissed it as a piece of trash, blown into the tree by the wind, but something caused me to look again. It was a cardinal, its brilliant red coat the only reason something so small caught my attention.
IMG_3177As I stopped to admire the beauty sitting just a few feet out my window, I could feel my heart engaging, where just a minute before it was quietly beating the rhythm of a rather tedious, unfocused morning. Now my heart and mind were making rapid-fire connections:

red cardinal

my grandma loved those, I remember pictures of them at her house

a flood of memories – favorite moments sitting with my grandma in her home, her condo, the nursing home, hospice

I want to capture the beauty in a picture, I just read a study about how our memory holds an image we see and hold with our eyes better than from the viewfinder of a camera

is there a message for me? I need to write about this, writing has always helped me to make sense of what my heart is pondering

And so, here I am. I have some ideas about what the cardinal was meant to speak to my heart on this bleak morning. I am grateful for the reminder that I am not alone, that I live in a world that vividly speaks the beauty and love of God, and that random moments are sometimes even more powerful than my planned efforts to “connect.”

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